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Tailio Smart Health Monitor

The world’s first device that turns your cat’s litter box into a smart monitoring system for health & wellbeing


Tailio is easy for you and your cat

Tailio works in the background to seamlessly monitor kitty wellness, while you and your cat go about business as usual.  It’ll even monitor multiple cats in your home.



Stay Connected to Your Cat


Know When Your Cat Needs Care


Why Cats Need Tailio

They can’t say “help”

Cats are part of our families.  We want the best for them, but by their nature they show few signs of trouble and we often miss problems.  So our feline friends are often much sicker than dogs when they visit the vet for the same health issues.

Cats can be healthier with earlier treatment

Tailio empowers you with alerts and information, so you can get your cat to the vet for earlier diagnosis and a better chance of successful treatment and recovery, with less suffering for your cat (and you), and it can even save lives.

What Vets Say



The conceptual foundation of Tailio is exciting, because it should allow cat owners to be made aware of many common ailments well before they take a greater toll on their cat’s wellbeing.

-Dr. Fred Scott, DVM, PhD, founder Cornell Feline Health Center

Cats are frequently much sicker than dogs when they visit the vet, because it’s often very difficult to know they’re having issues.  Tailio is serious technology that will change the game, reduce suffering and save lives.

-Dr. Mark Goldstein, DVM, former CEO, San Diego Human Society

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